Dementia studies

Find out about some of the wide-ranging types of studies available via the Join Dementia Research service.

Brain stimulation study seeks participants with Alzheimer’s disease

17 May 2024

A new study is using small amounts of electricity to stimulate the brain in people with mild cognitive impairment or Alzheimer’s disease. The aim is to see if this can help keep the part of the brain which is responsible for memory active, whilst delaying symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. The ‘Causal role of neural activity […]

New studies looking into the health and wellbeing of carers

10 May 2024

Family members or friends who care for people with dementia are being invited to take part in 2 new studies into their health and wellbeing through Join Dementia Research. Exploring the experiences and diets of family carers of persons with dementia The first study is exploring the diet of carers and how caring for a […]

Study explores views on new technology to locate missing people with dementia

24 April 2024

Views on using face-matching technology and an online form to locate missing family members with dementia faster are being assessed in a new study. Those who have experienced a family member going missing are being invited to take part in the UCL Stay Safe study. The study is being led by University College London (UCL) […]

Virtual reality study aims to assess link between navigation and Alzheimer’s disease

19 April 2024

Healthy volunteers aged 40 and over are being invited to take part in a new study using virtual reality to assess how well people navigate their surroundings.  The idea is that this will help researchers spot early signs of Alzheimer’s disease.  What does the study involve? In the first session participants will play a game […]

New study uses knowledge of birds to test memory

11 April 2024

A new study, which is using images of birds to gain a better understanding of how people build associations and knowledge in memory, is recruiting participants through Join Dementia Research. Understanding how long-term memory works Researchers on the University of Sheffield-led study want to find out how those with knowledge of birds in their long-term […]

Drug trial seeks participants with Lewy body dementia

27 March 2024

A drug trial aimed at treating memory and thinking problems in people with Lewy body dementia is recruiting participants through Join Dementia Research. The COmBining memantine And cholinesterase inhibitors in Lewy body dementia Treatment  (COBALT) trial is looking at whether giving an Alzheimer’s drug to people with Lewy body dementia can help improve their symptoms.  […]

Lewy body dementia studies currently recruiting participants

19 February 2024

Accounting for 10-15 percent of dementia cases in the UK, Lewy body is the second most common form of dementia. However, the recent World Lewy Body Day brought into sharp focus the fact that very little is known about this form of dementia, highlighting the need for more research. Lewy body dementia is caused by […]

Participants needed for study into whether good oral health can slow memory loss

22 January 2024

A study into whether brushing teeth daily can slow memory loss in people with early stage Alzheimer’s disease is recruiting participants through Join Dementia Research. The MySmile study, led by the University of Bristol and supported by the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR), is recruiting people aged 60 and over with either […]

People with a dementia diagnosis needed for recently opened studies

7 December 2023

We often have studies specifically for participants with a dementia diagnosis and a few recent ones have just opened up. The studies include using a phone app, physical and memory tests and are supported by the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR). Vascular mEchanisms in, Stroke, dePression, dementiA, and deliRum: The VESPAR project […]

New studies recruiting carers through Join Dementia Research

5 December 2023

The mental health of family members caring for people with dementia is rightly an area of increasing importance. A number of studies that are looking at precisely this area are recruiting dementia carers through Join Dementia Research. The following studies are all supported by the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR). iACT4CARERS A […]