This study is based at University College London’s dedicated Dementia Research Centre and is looking into Young Onset Alzheimer’s Disease.

How does it work?

Alzheimer’s disease is the most common cause of dementia at any age, but around 40,000 people a year can develop symptoms of the condition before 65.
Because it is much less common, researchers are still discovering how Young Onset Alzheimer’s Disease (YOAD) begins, and what it does to people.

To learn more about the disease, a study has been designed to bring together 55 volunteers with YOAD and 25 healthy volunteers to act as ‘controls’ – people with a regular record of health who can act as comparisons.

Researchers want to conduct assessments using interviews and tests, carry out scans of the brain with Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), and take samples for genetic testing using Lumbar punctures.
The information they find will then be used to design better methods of diagnosing this unfamiliar condition, as well as contribute to understanding what can happen to the brain during Alzheimer’s Disease.

Get Involved

The study staff are looking to recruit 55 people who have begun to develop Alzheimer’s Disease before the age of 65, and who can attend several sessions at University College London over the space of a year.

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