Now that you’re registered with Join Dementia Research, researchers can find you and see that you’re interested in taking part in studies.

You can wait to see if you match to a study, or interact more with your account to improve your chances of matching.

Matching to studies

1. We’ll regularly check your details to see if you match with studies that are added to Join Dementia Research.

2. If you match to a study, we’ll notify the research team.

3. Researchers and NHS staff will then see if you are eligible to take part. They will check the details you have provided us with and may consult your medical records.

4. If you meet all the criteria for a study you will be contacted by a member of the research team, who will explain the study to you.

5. You can then choose whether or not you would like to take part in any research you match to. There is no obligation to take part in a study.

Notifications of new matches

You can choose to receive an email notification every time you are match to a study. This is optional but recommended.

For most studies a researcher can still contact you if they think you may be suitable to take part. However, receiving a notification will give you the chance to read about the study and let the research team know if you are interested.

For some online studies, researchers will not contact you, as it will be possible to take part directly through a link on your Join Dementia Research account. By subscribing to alerts, you will be notified of these opportunities too.

Simply log into your account and tick the box that says “Subscribe to study alerts for this volunteer”.

Anything I can do to improve my chance of taking part in research?

We recommend you log in regularly to check your study matches and keep your personal details up to date (e.g. change of address, phone number, medication or health condition). This will give you the best chance of matching to suitable studies. You can also change your alert settings and how we contact you.