You can change your password on Join Dementia Research if you’ve forgotten it or want to update it.

Please follow these instructions:

1) On the Join Dementia Research homepage, click the ‘Forgotten password?’ link.


2) Add your email in the ‘Email’ box and click ‘Continue’.

3) You will receive an email from Join Dementia Research called ‘Reset your password’. If you do not see this email, please check your ‘spam’ folder.

4) Open the email and click the ‘Reset your password’ button.

5) The ‘Update password’ page will open in a new window with your email in the ‘Email’ box.

6) Select a new password in the ‘New password’ box and confirm it in the ‘Confirm new password’ box.

Please note your password must be 8 or more characters and cannot include common password phrases. You can use a mix of letters, numbers or symbols.

We recommend using three random words to generate your password, e.g. ‘applenemobiro’ as these are easy for you to remember and hard for others to guess.

You should avoid family and pet names, your favourite sports team, and dates and locations related to you.

7) Click the ‘Save’ button.

8) Log in to your account to check your study matches and update your profile.