On Wednesday 6 February 2019, Alzheimer’s Research UK launched their Dementia Attitudes Monitor Report – an in-depth analysis of the UK’s attitudes towards dementia and research.

Improving understanding and shaping attitudes towards dementia is crucial to make breakthroughs in research possible, so the Monitor, which surveyed 2,361 adults across the UK, is an essential tool. It will be repeated every two years.

Promisingly, the results reveal overwhelming public appetite for research developments that could provide greater information about dementia risk or give an earlier diagnosis of the diseases behind dementia.

Infographic: Half of those who participated in the Monitor would, hypothetically, be willing to get involved in research

Attitudes to research

More than half of the UK population (52%) has been affected by dementia, with a family member or someone else close to them diagnosed with the condition.

There is widespread public support for prevention and cure research, but more must be done to engage people with how they can personally support research efforts.

Half of those who participated in the Monitor would, hypothetically, be willing to get involved in medical research for dementia.  20% would not and a further 28% are unsure.

Participation in research is vital to make progress in the fight against dementia. The Monitor reveals a real opportunity to engage more people with the positive personal contribution they can make to research.

Infographic: the British public's top priorities for medical research into dementia

Join Dementia Research makes it easier than ever for people living with dementia in the UK, and their careers, to get involved in research. But not enough people know about this opportunity.

More people need to be talking about research. We want everyone to know why we’re here and how to get involved.

If you haven’t already, please sign up, and encourage friends and family to get involved too. 25 million of us in the UK have a friend or family member with dementia. Imagine the difference we could make together if we all supported research.

Read more about the findings of Dementia Attitudes Monitor on the Alzheimer’s Research UK website.