Mary Stewart-David, a writer and consultant narratologist from South London, spoke movingly about her mother’s dementia diagnosis and how this inspired her to get involved in research. 

Mary said: “I got involved in research as a volunteer because I saw my mother through dementia. I am aware that it might affect me in the future.

“We all need to get interested in research because it affects our lives. The most important thing to say about research is that prevention is better than cure. Don’t wait till you get ill; let’s find out how to stop you from getting ill.”

Mary took part initially in a project aimed at identifying blood biomarkers of Alzheimer’s disease at the Maudsley Hospital. Biomarkers are measurable changes in the body used to help predict, diagnose and monitor the progression of many conditions. Since then, she has taken part in several dementia research studies.

Watch the video below to hear her story:

Read more about her story on the NIHR website.

Please consider registering your interest in vital dementia research via the Join Dementia Research website and telling your family, friends and colleagues about our service. You could make a huge difference for future generations.