The 21st of September is World Alzheimer’s Day.

It would fantastic if you could help us raise awareness about Alzheimer’s disease and other causes of dementia by tweeting or posting on Facebook a photo and message that records how you would like to be remembered. If you are using Twitter, please include @beatdementia and #WorldAlzMonth somewhere in your message so we can retweet it for you.  If you are using Facebook, please include @joindementiaresearch in your post.

If you need inspiration about what to post, please have a look at the posts from some of our wonderful volunteers below.

“I love the striking brightness of these flowers, their bold colours and contrasts, and even the faded bloom reminding us of the rhythms of life. I’d like to be remembered as someone who brought warmth and brightness into the world.” – Chris Carling

“I should like to be remembered as someone who tried to change people’s attitudes to dementia . . . and as a survivor.” – Dianna Moylan

“Just because I have dementia, doesn’t mean life has to end” – Wendy Mitchell

“I like people to remember I am a nurse; an impatient for change nurse; passionate about how excellent nursing can transform lives.” – Susan Hamer

“Cliches aside, life is a journey. And when the destination is fixed, its the people you meet along the way that matter.” – Jo Burns

‘I would like to be remembered as someone who listened and encouraged others to listen. Only by listening can we begin to help our family, friends, neighbours and the stranger in need.’ – Simon Denegri

“I ​try to remember​ myself twice a day, when I brush my teeth. In the morning I am thinking of who I will be, and in the evening, who I have been. ​I aim to be authentic, collaborative and ​encourage diversity​ in all that I do, but don’t dwell on times when I haven’t​, ​and brush my cares away​…​” – Andrew Rutherford