Did you know that many of the studies on Join Dementia Research are open to anyone over 18 without a dementia diagnosis? These tend to be online studies, which can be done at home, at a time to suit you.

Because these studies are keen to attract a large number of people they run for a long time, sometimes over several years. Here are a few examples of these studies

Currently recruiting

The PROTECT study is looking at the way in which our brains age and the role of genetics in the ageing brain. Taking part involves answering a set of questionnaires about yourself, your lifestyle and your health. You will also be asked to take a series of online tests to measure changes in brain function. Anyone over 50 without dementia can take part and the study is open until November 2014.

The PREDICT-PD STUDY is trialling simple tests to identify people at high risk of Parkinson’s disease. The team are hopeful that predicting who is going to get Parkinson’s will enable treatments that could slow or prevent the condition from progressing. Taking part will involve a memory test, a keyboard tapping test and a trail making test that asks users to connect 25 dots both quickly and accurately. The study is open to those ages between 60-80 without Parkinson’s or dementia and is recruiting until May 2022.

The Ignite study is testing a new tool that aims to identify early signs of dementia. Ignite is designed to test problem-solving abilities, social and mental skills through games accessed via an i-Pad. The study is open to anyone between 20-80 and takes 30 minutes to complete. It is open to healthy volunteers and is open until the end of September 2021.

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