Have you noticed a different look and feel to the Join Dementia Research website?

We’ve listened to your feedback and as part of a programme of development, we’ve introduced a new streamlined homepage so that the information you need can be accessed more easily. 

Key updates

  • Dedicated areas for volunteers, carers and professionals help to clarify what the service offers to these different groups as well as signposting to relevant information.
  • We’ve also revamped our header and footer, meaning that wherever you are on the site, you can log in to your account or sign up if you’re not yet registered.
  • In addition, the news page has been updated. All items have been categorised into six groups making it easier to find what you’re looking for. You can also search the news content by using the search or filter options. 

Enhancing the user experience

Since 30% of our users access the service via a mobile or tablet – and this trend is set to continue – our re-design incorporates a mobile first approach. This means that the experience of the website should be equally as good on these devices, as it is on a computer.

We’ve been working with our fabulous charity partners right the way through the project and we enlisted the help of an experienced web designer with a user experience background to ensure we got things right.

Before we started developing the changes, we tested the usability of the site with members of the public who have an interest in dementia research. Their insight was invaluable and helped us to identify issues that we have not seen previously.

More development in progress

This is an initial phase of development work for the site, we are currently working on our Professionals section and hope to have more updates to share before too long.


In the meantime, thank you to all of those involved and we hope you enjoy using the site.