“We’ve introduced Join Dementia Research as a mechanism for getting more patients, their carers and the public engaged in dementia research. And importantly to get the numbers that we need now for the research that’s coming available.”
Martin Rossor, National Institute for Health Research National Director for Dementia Research

Follow Join Dementia Research in our documentary around the national launch of the service.

We visited Dr Jo Rodda, a Consultant Old Age Psychiatrist at North-East London Foundation NHS Trust (NELFT), who helped trial the service. She says “everything that we do in healthcare is based on research. And in order to keep on improving healthcare, we need to keep on improving research”.

We followed Hilary Doxford to her PET scan at Imperial College London, for a research study she is participating in. We also spoke to Dr Melanie Dani and research nurse Kathy Bouanane there.

The documentary captures Join Dementia Research champions Wendy Mitchell, diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and Susie Hewer, who was a carer for her mother who lived with vascular dementia discussing the service too.


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