The National Institute of Health Research (NIHR)’s Centre for Engagement and Dissemination has this week published a piece of work bringing together NIHR research on several aspects of dementia. 

To better understand how research translates into practical change, we asked a number of health and social care professionals, carers and service users to comment on the research that was relevant and important to them, and how it might influence current diagnosis and support.

A wide spectrum of research topics

The dementia collection covers a range of interesting areas such as:

People with dementia from ethnic minority backgrounds face extra barriers in accessing care

Working may improve quality of life for carers of people with dementia

Goal-setting can help people with early-stage dementia improve function

Some of the research projects profiled are just beginning whereas others have findings to report. 

The insights from the different people we spoke to help to underline what the important issues are and how various studies can help our understanding and bring about change. Examples are wide-ranging from tackling loneliness so as to increase the wellbeing of people with dementia, to using positive language and breaking tasks down into simple familiar steps.

Why not have a look at the dementia collection and find out what people living with dementia, carers and healthcare professionals think about NIHR research in this area?

Thank you for your involvement

Our Join Dementia Research volunteers played an integral role in making this research happen, so thank you to those of you who were involved. If you’re not already part of the Join Dementia Research community, sign up today!