This is a study dedicated to helping medical professionals diagnose the causes of dementia faster and more accurately.

Aims of the Study

We are still continuing to learn more about dementia, and the many causes that exist.
It is very important to understand precisely what type of dementia a person has, as the treatment options can be very different.

Administering a blood test would be much simpler for patients and doctors alike.
Researchers are now investigating the ways our blood can reflect changes in the brain that show the presence of dementia conditions.

For patients, it would be easier, faster and preferable to a lumbar puncture or a brain scan.
A reliable blood test could rapidly speed up diagnosis – and improve the whole process of treating dementia.

How does it work?

For this study, volunteers are sought who have a diagnosis of dementia – such as Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia with Lewy Bodies or Vascular Dementia – and are over 65.
To ensure the clearest results, volunteers must not currently be treating their condition with medication.

Volunteers will simply need to give a blood sample, and take part in a short test of their memory.

This study is being carried out at the former General Hospital in Newcastle, Tyne & Wear.