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A study of Anxiety in people living with Alzheimer’s disease

28 February 2018


Anxiety is defined as a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event, or something with an uncertain outcome. As an individual gets older, anxiety can worsen, resulting in detrimental effects upon their overall quality of life. Anxiety may also detrimentally affect the amount and quality of sleep a person can have, […]

Join Dementia Research 3rd Anniversary: a message by Simon Denegri

23 February 2018

Join Dementia Research Denegri

On it’s 3rd Anniversary Simon Denegri looks back at how people with dementia and carers helped build Join Dementia Research. This article was originally published on Simon Denegri’s website. This Saturday 24th February Join Dementia Research (JDR) celebrates its third birthday as a fully functioning service where people can register their interest in participating in […]

Alzheimer’s patient encourages others to sign up to take part in dementia research

dementia research

This article was originally posted on NIHR website. A retired pottery shop owner with early Alzheimer’s disease has said research has given him a new hope for life. Eighty-year-old Martin Wallis, from Honiton, is currently taking part in a clinical trial at Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust. The study, being supported by the […]

Dementia care improved by just one hour of social interaction each week

19 February 2018

dementia care

This article was originally posted on NIHR website. A large scale NIHR-funded trial shows that increasing the amount of social interaction for people with dementia living in care homes to just one hour a week improves quality of life and saves money. During the study key care home staff were upskilled to deliver person-centred care. […]

Dementia 2020 Engagement Panel: have your say

15 February 2018

Dementia 2020 Engagement Panel

The Dementia 2020 Engagement Panel: a consultation commissioned by the Department of Health The Department of Health aims to achieve a better understanding of the experiences and needs of people living with dementia, in order to shape better policies. This is why, on its behalf, the Opinion Research Service (ORS) has opened the Dementia 2020 […]

Have your say on NICE guidance for dementia professionals

8 February 2018


The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) is producing guidance to ensure people with dementia get the best assessment, management and support from health and care staff. NICE is currently consulting on this guidance with an open consultation, to improve care by making recommendations on training staff and on helping carers to support […]

Medication Management in Older people: the MEMORABLE study

31 January 2018

medication management

Poor medication management can limit the benefits people obtain from their medication. Taking many tablets makes managing them more difficult and more likely that someone would forget or choose not to take them. It also increases the risk of side-effects. The main aim of the MEMORABLE study is to improve medication management for and with […]

Deciding about research on behalf of someone else: the DECISION study

26 January 2018


The only way to beat conditions such as dementia is through research. However, some people may be unable to make their own decision about whether to take part in a research study due to problems with their memory or understanding. When someone is unable to decide, their family and friends may be involved in making […]

Experiencing loss and planning ahead study (ELPAS)

23 January 2018


Family and friends caring for someone with dementia can find looking after someone challenging. Many struggle with losses that occur during dementia. Some feel they can no longer do things they used to or feel grief in having lost parts of their relationship with the person with dementia. Few studies have considered how we can […]

Object handling in people with dementia

18 January 2018

object handling

What are the main aims of the study? This study aims to explore how people living with dementia respond to novel and historic objects when handling and discussing them in small groups. We call this ‘object handling’. People who have taken part in object handling studies before have reported it to be enjoyable, interesting and an […]

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