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Living life and doing things together: the DemPower App study

7 December 2017


What are the main aims of the study? Dementia can put a strain on relationships, and some couples might need some support in their day-to-day lives. To help address this issue, this study is developing and trialling the DemPower App, which provides tips for relationship management, staying active and adapting the home. What does it […]

How do people with early stage dementia respond to offers of support and services?

30 November 2017

early stage dementia

It is unclear why some people living with early stage dementia take up offers intervention and support and others do not. Government health policy recommends that the NHS offer support to people after they have received a diagnosis of dementia. There is also evidence that some (non-drug based) interventions developed for people with early stage […]

Partners of people with Parkinson’s-related dementia: A postal questionnaire study

24 November 2017


Care provision in Parkinson’s-related dementias is physically demanding and mentally exhausting contributing to higher burden and stress in the partner. Parkinson’s disease dementia and dementia with Lewy bodies can be physically and mentally disabling for both members of the couple. Care partners play a substantial role in supporting with various activities of daily living and […]

Become a Volunteer Trainer for Join Dementia Research

20 November 2017

If you like working with groups of people and enjoy speaking in front of others, you could become a Volunteer Trainer for Join Dementia Research. At Join Dementia Research, we are passionate about sharing what we know with others. We also look for passionate individuals who like working with groups of people and enjoy speaking […]

Pledging to beat dementia during Fab Change Week

17 November 2017

FAB Change week

Every day, the NHS takes care of thousands of people in the UK. Made up of enthusiastic people around the country many of whom have ideas to make services better, more efficient and sometimes even fun.  The Academy of Fabulous NHS Stuff is a place to share ideas, innovations and actions from across the NHS […]

Internet of Things being used in innovative dementia research

14 November 2017

dementia research

This article has been reproduced from the NIHR website. The Government’s Challenge on Dementia looks forward to England being a world recognised dementia research centre by 2020. More than 850,000 people in the UK have a diagnosis of dementia. In Surrey, around 16,800 people are estimated to have the condition with this figure set to rise to […]

Online course: Improving Healthcare Through Clinical Research

7 November 2017


If you are interested in knowing more about modern healthcare and the role of clinical research within it, then the latest online course, “Improving Healthcare Through Clinical Research”, brought to you by the University of Leeds and the NIHR is a perfect learning opportunity. Healthcare moves forward thanks to research, improving our understanding of conditions, […]

Positive results from Alzheimer’s drug in Phase 1 clinical trial extension

3 November 2017

Alzheimer's Research aducanumab

This article has been reproduced from the Alzheimer’s Research UK website.   The pharmaceutical company Biogen has today announced the results of an extended phase 1b clinical trial of the potential Alzheimer’s disease drug, aducanumab. Results from the extended early-stage trial were announced today at Clinical Trials in Alzheimer’s Disease (CTAD) conference in Boston. Aducanumab is an […]

Testing a new method for the assessment of concentration in patients – The ‘DelApp’ test

18 October 2017

What are the main aims of the study? People who are in hospital can develop short-term problems with thinking and concentration, or may become drowsy or agitated as a result of their condition. This problem is called ‘delirium’. Delirium can affect 1 in 8 general hospital patients and 1 in 4 patients in intensive care. […]

A day in the life of a dementia research nurse

6 October 2017

Emily King, is a dementia research nurse at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital in Sheffield. She qualified as a nurse in 2009, having worked on care of the elderly wards, she developed an interest in dementia and did a Masters in dementia studies. Emily has been working as a dementia research nurse for nearly a year […]

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