JDR_cmykWelcome to another article featuring videos from those who participate in studies on dementia.

‘Join Dementia Research connects researchers with volunteers who want to take part in important research into Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia conditions.

We are always looking for more people to join in with this vital work, either for themselves or helping someone else sign up.

Approached by one of the nurses at their local memory clinic, Mr and Mrs C were asked if they would be interested in taking part in research about memory problems.

The project in question was the CATFieLD Study which asked patients to remember certain things and to look at some objects with the aim of testing memory function. It is a very good example of the kind of studies that recruit through ‘Join dementia research’.

It also involved having an MRI scan. MRI – or Magnetic Resonance Imaging – is a medical technique often used by healthcare professionals to look inside the body noninvasively.
The machine scans the body to form images of the anatomy which the healthcare team can then analyse to look for any changes.

Mrs C explains that, although it sounds quite complicated, it was very easy.
‘It took about 20 minutes and all he had to do was just lie there. The team had a television screen and you could see his brain being scanned’.
Mr C laughs that this was done ‘to check I still had one’.

The outcome for Mr and Mrs C was very positive. ‘It’s for future generations and anything that we can do to help anybody with memory problems doesn’t cost a thing, does it?’

Have you taken part in a study?

patient-carer-BDR-image1We are really interested in hearing from people taking part in studies on ‘Join dementia research’.
What would they say to others considering signing up with ‘Join dementia research’?

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