Can observing computer use help detect memory problems in people over 65?

7 October 2015

The Software Architecture for Mental Health Self-Management (SAMS) Reliability study, based at the University of Manchester, is looking at whether personal computer use, such as emailing and web browsing, can help detect memory or cognitive problems. The study takes place in the participant’s own home and involves some cognitive assessments with a researcher as well as […]

Looking at the relationship between memory disorders and inflammation of the brain

9 September 2015

The Neuroimaging of Inflammation in MemoRy and Other Disorders (NIMROD) study is looking at the relationship between memory disorders and inflammation of the brain. Recent technical developments allow the use of brain imaging methods (Positron Emission Tomography or PET scans) together with marked chemicals to visualise sites of inflammation. Other forms of PET imaging can also […]

Investigating technology for screening populations who are ‘at risk’ of developing Alzheimer’s

30 July 2015

Down’s Syndrome is a genetic condition that is usually associated with some degree of intellectual disability. People with Down’s Syndrome also age prematurely and are at very high risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. Around half of people with Down’s Syndrome have Alzheimer’s disease by the age of fifty. Electroencephalography (EEG) is a technology that records […]

Hippocampal changes in early Alzheimer’s disease

17 April 2015

‘Join dementia research’ is working to connect volunteers with researchers. We recently got in touch with Chief Investigator, Dr Elizabeth Coulthard, to find out more about the Hippocampal changes in early Alzheimer’s disease study currently recruiting through ‘Join dementia research’. What are the main aims of the study? The Hippocampal imaging study is an exploratory study […]

Join the Tommorrow Study Today!

29 January 2015

‘Join dementia research’ is the brand new, online service that can connect volunteers and researchers, working together on vital studies into dementia. New studies are being added to the service all the time, and we’re pleased to be able to inform you about the TOMMORROW study, that has just begun recruiting! Study Background The World […]

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