Championing ‘Join dementia research’ in the North East

23 January 2015

Very soon ‘Join dementia research’ will be nationally launched as an online service, helping to connect volunteers with researchers who are working on ways to understand and treat dementias. We recently spoke to volunteer Andrew Brown, who is also one of our Champions in the North East, explaining to people and the press about the […]

Connecting researchers to ideal patients

22 January 2015

The team at the Imperial College Memory Research Unit, led by Dr Paul Edison, is researching Alzheimer’s disease and mild cognitive impairment (a midway stage between normal age-related memory loss and the more serious decline of dementia). The team use PET and MRI scans to explore the mechanisms that lead to dementia, with the ultimate […]

#24DaysOfDementiaResearch – The SHAPED Study

23 December 2014

We are now at the end of #24DaysOfDementiaResearch, profiling one research study each day that is available on Join Dementia Research – the new online service that connects volunteers with researchers around the country. Today’s study will look into the often distressing symptom that affects up to two million people in the UK – visual hallucinations. […]

#24DaysOfDementiaResearch – The ‘CANN’ Study

22 December 2014

Christmas is near, and so too is the end of #24DaysOfDementiaResearch – our study-a-day tour of ‘Join dementia research’, the new online service connecting volunteers and dementia research studies. Now the holiday season has arrived, and we’ll all be tucking into big meals, it’s the best time to look at how a supplemented diet could help […]

#24DaysOfDementiaResearch – The MK8931 Trial

20 December 2014

Continuing #24DaysOfDementiaResearch, we are focusing on research into medication that could be used to successfully treat Mild Cognitive Impairment. This study, and many others, are available on ‘Join dementia research’ – a new online service that allows volunteers to discover and participate in dementia research studies around the country. Aims of the Study This study aims […]

#24DaysOfDementiaResearch – The ‘ACDC’ Study

19 December 2014

Yesterday, as part of #24DaysOfDementiaResearch we looked at a study on ‘Join dementia research’ investigating the often upsetting hallucinations that can occur as part of Lewy Body dementias. Today, we can examine the very first study that hopes to reduce these hallucinations. All of these studies are available on ‘Join dementia research’, the new online […]

#24DaysOfDementiaResearch – The ‘VEEG-Stim’ Study

18 December 2014

‘Join dementia research’ is the new online service that will help volunteers discover and join research studies into dementia around the country. Each day until Christmas, we’re looking at one study recruiting through Join dementia research as part of our #24DaysOfDementiaResearch. Today’s study is called ‘VEEG-Stim’, and is aimed at using technology to help us […]

#24DaysOfDementiaResearch – The HALL-VIS-ATT Study

16 December 2014

Each day until Christmas, #24DaysOfDementiaResearch will focus on one study that is recruiting volunteers right now. People who want to participate in dementia research can sign up with ‘Join dementia research’, a new online service that helps volunteers find research studies that need their help. Today’s study is ‘HALL-VIS-ATT’, which is aiming to help researchers and […]

#24DaysOfDementiaResearch – ‘LewyPro’

15 December 2014

As part of #24DaysOfDementia, we are showcasing a research study each day until Christmas. These studies are recruiting now through ‘Join dementia research’, a new online service that connects volunteers with researchers to collaborate on vital work towards fighting dementia. Today’s study is ‘LewyPro’, where researchers are looking to improve diagnosis of Dementia with Lewy […]

Championing ‘Join dementia research’

8 December 2014

MORE than one thousand people have now registered their interest in taking part in dementia studies across the country, as part of the ‘Join dementia research’ service. The service will be launched early next year, but it is already been promoted at a regional level across the country by local champions. We interviewed Sue Boex, who is one of […]

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