The Lundbeck Starbeam Study

13 March 2015

‘Join dementia research’ is a brand new online service, allowing volunteers for studies to be connected with researchers around the country. We’re looking at a study that has just been added to the site, and is recruiting for volunteers now! The purpose of the study is to find out whether a new research drug, given […]

First South West ‘Join dementia research’ match for dementia research study

12 March 2015

The first Devon couple to be matched with a dementia research study through ‘Join dementia research’ have shared their experience as a patient and a carer. David and Jan Barwick registered their interest in participating in research with ‘Join dementia research’ through Alzheimer’s Society website. They have already contributed to a national research initiative called The IDEAL Study […]

The Liraglutide Study into Alzheimer’s Disease

10 March 2015

Just as important as the volunteers on ‘Join dementia research’ are the scientists who will be using it. The service will allow them to find and contact volunteers who may be interested in taking part in vital research that could help us understand how dementia works. When Paul Edison was first training to be a […]

Join Dementia Research – The Northwest and nationwide!

4 March 2015

Welcome to ‘Join dementia research’, where we help volunteers connect with researchers, to work together on important studies into dementia. Some of our volunteers are leading the way by becoming Champions, helping others understand the benefits of participating in research. A former Group Technical Director of a public computing company, after retirement Peter Ashley was diagnosed […]

How Jo Rodda & a London Trust (NELFT) helped pilot ‘Join dementia research’

26 February 2015

‘Join dementia research’ is now active nationwide, connecting volunteers and research staff on dementia studies around the country! We’ve been talking to some of the people who first trialled the service. When a Trust is needed to trial a new research service that will be rolled out nationally, Dr. Jo Rodda knows why North-East London Foundation […]

Susie Hewer championing ‘Join dementia research’

24 February 2015

57 year old Susie Hewer from East Sussex was a full-time carer for her mother, Peggy, who lived with vascular dementia for many years. Since her mother’s death in 2005, Susie has been a Champion of Alzheimer’s Research UK, speaking out about dementia and the need for research. Known as the ‘Extreme knitting Redhead’ she […]

Leading change in dementia diagnosis and support

23 February 2015

The Alzheimer’s Society, one of our partners here at ‘Join dementia research’ have an exciting dementia conference coming up tomorrow in partnership with The King’s Fund. With the National Dementia Strategy for England ending in March 2014 and the Prime Minister’s challenge on dementia due to finish in May 2015, a new national drive to sustain progress […]

Prime Minister’s #Dementia2020 Challenge

22 February 2015

The ‘Join dementia research’ team are proud to be part of the Prime Minister’s brand new strategy to combat dementia in Britain. Speaking on Saturday he announced that over £300 million of spending will be invested by the government in research to lead the way in discovering the next big breakthrough. Alongside this effort, an international dementia […]

Research in your own home? The iCST Study

16 February 2015

Recently we’ve been publishing videos of researchers and volunteers talking about participating in dementia research. ‘Join dementia research’ is the new service that will connect volunteers and research staff online, allowing them to collaborate on studies around the country. The Individual Cognitive Stimulation Therapy for Dementia – or iCST – Study was a research project set up […]

Taking Part in the CATField Study: Video

9 February 2015

Welcome to another article featuring videos from those who participate in studies on dementia. ‘Join Dementia Research connects researchers with volunteers who want to take part in important research into Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia conditions. We are always looking for more people to join in with this vital work, either for themselves or helping someone else […]

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