The ‘DAPA’ Study

26 February 2016

Exercise benefits a person’s health a great deal, and it can also help to reduce the risk of developing dementia. Researchers now want to know if it can slow the progression of dementia once it has already begun. How it works Dr Sukhi Dosanjh is the manager of DAPA. She explains that they are looking to: “Study […]

The ‘GREAT’ Study

The GREAT study – Goal­-oriented cognitive Rehabilitation in EArly ­sTage dementia looks at how talking to a therapist can really help people handle problems with their memory. Aims of the Study The GREAT trial is a large research study that looks at ways of helping people to live well with memory difficulties. The research team wants to […]

“Blood Proteins and Dementia”

This is a study dedicated to helping medical professionals diagnose the causes of dementia faster and more accurately. Aims of the Study We are still continuing to learn more about dementia, and the many causes that exist. It is very important to understand precisely what type of dementia a person has, as the treatment options can […]

Pioneering dementia programme to transform healthcare

16 October 2015

Time for Dementia is a brand new study on Join Dementia Research, that is calling families living with dementia in Surrey and Sussex to take part. The study is the first of its kind in the world, to help train the healthcare professionals of tomorrow and improve the way that people with dementia are cared […]

How do people with dementia and their carers feel about adapting their homes?

15 October 2015

Two thirds of people with dementia currently live at home. There is a wealth of information available from a variety of sources on how homes can be adapted to promote independence, reduce symptoms and maintain functional ability. Although this advice is available it is not known to what extent the advice is accessed or used […]

Cognition and Everyday Function in Early Dementia

11 June 2015

This week is Carers week; and today we look at a study that involves informal carers. The Cognition and Everyday Function in Early Dementia study tries to evaluate how memory and the ability to process information (cognition), is linked to performance of everyday tasks such as preparing a hot meal or taking medication. Little is […]

Could a commonly used blood pressure drug help prevent dementia? The RADAR trial

22 May 2015

Professor Pat Kehoe is the chief investigator on a new ground-breaking clinical trial (RADAR) on Join Dementia Research, which is examining how a commonly used blood pressure drug called losartan could slow down the rate of progression in Alzheimer’s disease.  The study is funded by an MRC and NIHR partnership. Pat heads the Dementia Research Group at the […]

Two of our champions discuss why they volunteer for dementia research

1 May 2015

Two woman – one living with dementia and one without – but both are volunteering for research! Find out why. The short film features a lively conversation between two of our champions (and prolific bloggers), Wendy Mitchell and Susie Hewer. Wendy was diagnosed with young onset dementia last year at the age of 58. She is living well with dementia […]

‘Join dementia research’ Champion – Dianna Moylan

18 March 2015

We’re fortunate to have a team of dedicated champions who are helping to spread the word about the work of ‘Join dementia research’. Continuing our series on meeting these ‘Join dementia research’ Champions, this week we hear from Dianna Moylan. “When my mother, at a little over sixty, began to show signs of forgetfulness, we accommodated […]

The Pfizer SAM-760 Study

14 March 2015

More studies are being added to ‘Join dementia research’ all the time – and we’re working hard to connect volunteers with researchers, helping them to collaborate on vital research into dementia. We are focusing on another study that has been recently added, and we are always seeking more people who might be eligible to take […]

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