York’s Join Dementia Research Champion

28 January 2015

‘Join dementia research’ is all about connecting volunteers to researchers, and helping them work together to beat dementia. Some of those volunteers have stepped up to champion the new service around the country, and today we spoke to Wendy Mitchell, an NHS employee with a recent diagnosis of dementia. Wendy hasn’t let it slow her […]

Championing ‘Join dementia research’ in the North East

23 January 2015

Very soon ‘Join dementia research’ will be nationally launched as an online service, helping to connect volunteers with researchers who are working on ways to understand and treat dementias. We recently spoke to volunteer Andrew Brown, who is also one of our Champions in the North East, explaining to people and the press about the […]

Championing ‘Join dementia research’

8 December 2014

MORE than one thousand people have now registered their interest in taking part in dementia studies across the country, as part of the ‘Join dementia research’ service. The service will be launched early next year, but it is already been promoted at a regional level across the country by local champions. We interviewed Sue Boex, who is one of […]

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