Brief questionnaire for carers of people with mild dementia

15 June 2015

Are you a carer of someone with mild dementia? A study entitled Validation of a Tool to Assess Daily Activities, is looking at changes in the motivation and performance of activities of daily living in people with memory problems (specifically those with a diagnosis of mild dementia). This is then analysed against the results of […]

Cognition and Everyday Function in Early Dementia

11 June 2015

This week is Carers week; and today we look at a study that involves informal carers. The Cognition and Everyday Function in Early Dementia study tries to evaluate how memory and the ability to process information (cognition), is linked to performance of everyday tasks such as preparing a hot meal or taking medication. Little is […]

First South West ‘Join dementia research’ match for dementia research study

12 March 2015

The first Devon couple to be matched with a dementia research study through ‘Join dementia research’ have shared their experience as a patient and a carer. David and Jan Barwick registered their interest in participating in research with ‘Join dementia research’ through Alzheimer’s Society website. They have already contributed to a national research initiative called The IDEAL Study […]

Susie Hewer championing ‘Join dementia research’

24 February 2015

57 year old Susie Hewer from East Sussex was a full-time carer for her mother, Peggy, who lived with vascular dementia for many years. Since her mother’s death in 2005, Susie has been a Champion of Alzheimer’s Research UK, speaking out about dementia and the need for research. Known as the ‘Extreme knitting Redhead’ she […]

Championing ‘Join dementia research’

8 December 2014

MORE than one thousand people have now registered their interest in taking part in dementia studies across the country, as part of the ‘Join dementia research’ service. The service will be launched early next year, but it is already been promoted at a regional level across the country by local champions. We interviewed Sue Boex, who is one of […]

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