JDR_cmykMore studies are being added to ‘Join dementia research’ all the time – and we’re working hard to connect volunteers with researchers, helping them to collaborate on vital research into dementia. We are focusing on another study that has been recently added, and we are always seeking more people who might be eligible to take part.

Alzheimer’s disease is responsible for most of the cases of dementia and mental impairment in the elderly. Treatments for the disease exist, but many of these are not effective in all patients in slowing or reversing the progression of the disease.
As a result, research into additional treatment options must continue. Pharmaceutical companies use medical research studies like this one to learn more about investigational medications before they are made available to the public.

sam760The results of this study will provide them with more information about the effectiveness and safety of the investigational medication. By taking part in this study, you and your loved one will be making an important contribution to Alzheimer’s treatment research.

All individuals will take two capsules of their study medication every morning during the study, as well as their regular dose of donepezil.
Treatment during the study will last 18 weeks and include at least 6 visits to the study clinic. Total participation, which includes the screening process, could last up to 22 weeks.

Throughout the study, participant’s health and progress will be evaluated through various tests and assessments. Some of these tests and assessments include, but are not limited to:

• Review of medical history

• Physical exams

• Vital signs measurements

• Neurological exams

• Blood and urine samples

• Alzheimer’s and symptom assessments

• Reviews of side effects

• Reviews of prior and current medications

Participant’s caregiver will be given a study diary in which he/she will be asked to record each daily dose of study medication the participant takes. Caregiver will also be asked to bring this diary to each study clinic visit.

All study-related visits, tests, and investigational medications will be provided to participants at no cost. In addition, reasonable reimbursement for travel may be provided.

To pre-qualify for this study, individuals must:

• Be at least 60 years of age

• Have a medical diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease

• Have existing symptoms of behavioural issues (like irritability, agitation, and depression)

• Be currently taking a stable dose of donepezil for at least 4 months prior to the study

• Not be currently taking memantine

To see if you and the person you care for is eligible, please sign them up for Join dementia research and enter all the information required. If there is a match, research staff will contact you to discuss proceeding.

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