We’ve launched a great new training system for all researchers who use Join Dementia Research to recruit to their studies.

This interactive e-learning makes it easier than ever before for researchers to quickly get to grips with all aspects of Join Dementia Research, so that they can use the service as efficiently and effectively as possible.

The e-learning is divided into several modules, with a quick knowledge check at the end to aid with understanding.

Researcher training menu screenshot

Once training is complete, researchers will be issued with a username and password from the Clinical Research Network Coordinating Centre so that they can begin adding and recruiting to their studies.

The e-learning is also available for researchers to revisit at any time if they wish to refresh their knowledge, and modules can be completed individually as needed.

With over 10,000 study participants already involved in vital dementia research through Join Dementia Research, this new e-learning will make it even easier and faster for researchers to identify, screen and contact volunteers for their trials.