s216_David_CameronThe ‘Join dementia research’ team are proud to be part of the Prime Minister’s brand new strategy to combat dementia in Britain. Speaking on Saturday he announced that over £300 million of spending will be invested by the government in research to lead the way in discovering the next big breakthrough.

Alongside this effort, an international dementia institute will be established in England within 5 years, helping to make the UK a world leader for research on dementia and medical trials.
It is hoped the number of people taking part in dementia research will double in that time, and a new online and telephone service called ‘Join dementia research’ will be launched next week to facilitate people taking part in dementia research studies.

The Prime Minister said in Saturday’s speech,

“Dementia is one of the greatest challenges of our lifetime, and I am proud that we are leading the world in fighting it.

Because of the growing strength of our economy, we can invest in research and drug-development, as well as public understanding, so we defeat this terrible condition and offer more hope and dignity for those who suffer.

That way, we can help make Britain a country that offers security in retirement for all.”

JDR_cmykA separate multi-million pound fund will be launched within weeks to establish a large-scale, international investment scheme. This scheme plans to discover new drugs and treatments that could slow down the onset of dementia – or even deliver a cure by 2025.

The fund will see investors from the private, public and philanthropic sectors unite to finance a range of research projects identified by scientists as having the best potential for future success.

Specific targets for ‘Join dementia research’ are laid out in the Prime Minister’s strategy document, which you can read online. Ambitious figures for membership must be met, and for that we need your registrations!

“Increased numbers of people with dementia participating in research, with 25% of people diagnosed with dementia registered on Join Dementia Research and 10 per cent participating in research, up from the current baseline of 4.5 per cent.”

Supporting these efforts will be ‘Join dementia research’, constantly working to bring volunteers like yourselves into contact with scientists and doctors working towards treatments. Make sure you sign up today!