object handlingWhat are the main aims of the study?

This study aims to explore how people living with dementia respond to novel and historic objects when handling and discussing them in small groups. We call this ‘object handling’. People who have taken part in object handling studies before have reported it to be enjoyable, interesting and an opportunity to learn new things.

What does it involve for a participant?

Prior to the study, interested participants will be invited to meet with one of the researchers to talk through the study information, ask any questions and sign a consent form.

The study will involve taking part in 3 sessions where we will look at and discuss different objects in small groups of 6-8 people with a museum curator.

Each session will be 90 minutes long. This will include some time to complete a few short questionnaires before and after an hour-long object handling session. During this time participants will also be asked to wear a wristband that will help us understand how their body responds. No experience or preparation is required.

How long is the study for? / Is it a one-off visit?

The study will run across 3 sessions over 3 consecutive Fridays in February and March 2018. We ask that participants attend all 3 sessions. We also invite participants to bring someone to the sessions with them.

What do you hope the outcomes of the study will be?

We hope this study will help us to gain a better understanding of the potential benefits of object handling sessions, which could have valuable implications for dementia care in the community.

Where is the study based?

The study is sponsored by Canterbury Christ Church University in collaboration with Created Out of Mind at the Wellcome Collection. The study will take place at Created Out of Mind at the Wellcome Collection, Euston, London.

Who can take part? (eligibility criteria)

We are looking for people aged 50 and over who are living with a mild to moderate dementia to take part in the study. We are looking for people who are willing and able to participate in group discussions.

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