National Dementia Carers Day, held on 13 September this year, celebrates and shares the innovative support of dementia carers across the UK.

We take this opportunity to look at some studies on Join Dementia Research, either specifically for carers of people with dementia, or those recruiting people with dementia and a study partner (usually a carer).

writing-828911_640A study entitled Validation of a Tool to Assess Daily Activities involves carers of people with dementia completing simply questionnaires. The research team are looking at changes in the motivation and performance of activities of daily living in people with memory problems (specifically those with a diagnosis of mild dementia). This is then analysed against the results of the wellbeing of both the carer and the person with dementia.

The Influence of Relatives’ Expressed Emotion study is based at the University of Manchester. It is looking at what factors may influence wellbeing and adjustment in relatives of people with a diagnosis of dementia as well as of the people with dementia themselves. The research team are also interested in learning more about family relationships following a diagnosis of dementia.

dependent-441408_640Occupational therapists assist people to continue to participate in activities despite the difficulties that they might be experiencing. Researchers in the Netherlands developed a programme of occupational therapy visits for people with mild to moderate dementia and their supporters in their own home. They found that this programme could benefit both the person with dementia and their supporter. The UK research team has developed a similar occupational therapy programme to meet the needs of people living here. The Valuing Active Life In Dementia (VALID) study is testing this programme. The person with dementia and their supporter both need to take part in the study together.

The ACTIFCare study aims to increase understanding of the whole range of services used by people that have memory difficulties living at home. The aim is to compare how services are accessed across eight European countries so that recommendations can be made about best practice to ensure the best possible care and help is provided as soon as it is needed. This study is recruiting people with dementia along with an informal carer.

We also have a number of other studies involving carers (where possible) including: the GREAT study, looking at ways of helping people to live well with memory difficulties through cognitive rehabilitation, the IDEAL project, which is investigating what helps people to live well with dementia and what makes it difficult to live well with dementia, and the Circadian Clock in Alzheimer’s Disease study, that is researching how sleep and our internal body clock may be altered in Alzheimer’s disease.

Lady-LookingatleafletYou can see if you are eligible for any of these studies – and others around the nation by logging into your Join Dementia Research account. If you haven’t yet registered with Join Dementia Research, why not sign up today?