Find out how medical treatments are discovered, tested and evaluated, to improve healthcare for all, with the latest free Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). This free online course is all about this process of discovery and how it is used to improve healthcare. The course will look at case studies covering topics such as how research is helping to find new ways of treating and providing care for some of the major diseases including cancer and dementia.

There will also be a focus on the important ethical questions raised by clinical research and will take a look into the future of research.

Over four weeks, you will speak to different members of a research team, including academics and clinicians from the National Institute of Health Research and the University of Leeds. There will also be an important input from the ordinary people who have participated in clinical research studies.

By the end, you will have a much better understanding of not only the challenges of conducting clinical research, but also the enormous benefits that it can offer to modern healthcare. The course commences on 7 November 2016.

Dianna, a Join Dementia Research Champion, was involved in the making of the clinical research MOOC, as well as a variety of other different online courses. This is her story:

Join Dementia Research Champion, Dianna Moylen

Join Dementia Research Champion, Dianna Moylen

“Learning is good for the brain and this particular course may make people feel safer to join in research.”

Dianna, 74, lives in Milton Keynes was involved in the making of the University of Leeds’ course, Improving Healthcare through Clinical Research. Having already taken five FutureLearn courses, Dianna decided to give this subject a go too.

“I was born during World War Two and grew up in and around Portsmouth in Hampshire. I left school with A-levels and university places, but was too scared to take one up. Married at 20 and with children at 24, I joined the Open University when it started and graduated in four years.”

Dianna worked as a teacher until she retired. Now a writer, Dianna loves learning and has taken a wide variety of courses on FutureLearn from Shakespeare to Dutch to Clinical Research.

She initially signed up to the Clinical Research course after being involved in the making of one section. Dianna was pleased with how much she enjoyed the course and what she learnt.

“I was pleased to learn how very carefully research projects are assessed, that anyone can withdraw from research at any stage and that ordinary people are the backbone of research.”MOOC 7 Nov

After successfully completing the course, Dianna talked about the benefits for people that might be considering signing up for the next run.
“Learning is good for the brain and this particular course may make people feel safer to join in research. To me, this is extremely important as it is the major way that we learn how to combat diseases.”

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