Happy New Year from the ‘Join dementia research’ team! We had a very busy end to the year, ensuring that the service was ready to be used nationally. As a result, 1,350 people are now registered to the service, with many more to come.


Make a Difference

We want 2015 to be the year to Make a Difference. Very soon, we’ll be publically launching the ‘Join dementia research’ service, connecting volunteers and researchers working towards discoveries in treating conditions like Alzheimer’s Disease.

We always want more volunteers to help contribute their time and experience towards our work, and each person in their own way can Make a Difference.

Do you have Alzheimer’s Disease or any other dementia condition?

Sign up with ‘Join dementia research’, and learn about the research studies you could be eligible for. Make a Difference for yourselves and for others with the condition.

Are you caring for someone with a dementia condition?

You can help them sign up for ‘Join dementia research’, and enjoy the satisfaction from both of you contributing to ongoing research that will Make a Difference. Please visit the ‘Sign up someone else‘ page.

Would you be interested in contributing to research into dementia?

Healthy volunteers are always required as controls for ‘Join dementia research’, and there are also studies looking at prevention strategies that you could take part in. You can also help us by spreading the message about the work we do. Share our messages on social media (@beatdementia and facebook.com/joindementiaresearch), and help others see how they could Make a Difference.

We look forward to working with more people in 2015, and through ‘Join dementia research’ we can all Make a Difference to dementia!

Have you taken part in a study?

We are really interested in hearing from people taking part in studies on ‘Join dementia research’. What would they say to others considering signing up with ‘Join dementia research’?

We’d like to understand why people decided to take part in a study, and how their life may have changed since participating in research. You can read about Sue Boex and how she’s championing Join dementia research.

Please let us know if you, or someone you know, would be interested in sharing their story. Get in touch with us at comms.jdr@nihr.ac.uk.