Given increasing public awareness and concern about Alzheimer’s Disease, this project seeks to expand public understanding of dementia-based language and communicative changes through research and public engagement.

We caught up with Vineeta Chand, Chief Investigator for this study, to find out more:

Vineeta Chand, Chief Investigator on this study

Vineeta Chand, Chief Investigator on this study

What are the main aims of the study?

Our research focus is on how language changes (in what we say and how we say it) and communicative changes (in how we verbally interact with others) may relate to ageing, dementia diagnosis and progression. Continued successful communication is an important aspect to maintaining bonds with caregivers, family and friends, and for patients to express internal feelings and changes.

We are first conducting group workshops and one-on-one interviews to understand public and patient information needs, which will influence our larger research agenda. Next, our goal is to raise awareness regarding dementia-based language and communicative changes by developing user-friendly advice and communication toolkits, offering public talks and communication workshops and developing expanded web materials.

What does it involve for a participant?

Participants can get get involved by either attending a half-day workshop at the University of Essex Colchester campus, or by participating in a one-on-one interview either in person or digitally via phone or Skype.

How long is the study for?

The study consists of a one-off workshop or interview. Workshops last approximately four hours (lunch and tea/coffee provided), and interviews last approximately one hour.

What do you hope the outcomes of the study will be?

Our larger goal is to better inform the public and respond to common questions and concerns about how language and communication can change with dementia through public awareness resources for patients, their families and caregivers.

Where is the study based?

The study is based primarily at the University of Essex Colchester campus. We are able to conduct interviews within travelling distance of Colchester as well as digitally over telephone or Skype.


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