Today 90,000 people in Scotland are living with dementia, and that figure is set to rise. Finding better ways to prevent and treat people with dementia, and ways to improve care and diagnosis are vitally important, and research is at the heart of the solution.

Scotland has a fantastic track record in the delivery of dementia research, and this is set to improve with ‘Join dementia research’ an online and telephone service supported by all major dementia charities including Alzheimer Scotland, connecting volunteers with researchers around the country.

Partnering with other organisations in the same field and supporting a wide range of research studies is critical, so we’re pleased announce a new collaboration with the Glasgow Memory Clinic.

GMCGlasgow Memory Clinic is an independent research clinic founded in 1999 and is engaged in national and international research work in the field of memory impairment and Alzheimer’s disease.

The clinic has made major contributions to international randomised controlled clinical trials and  operates from a bespoke facility located on the Todd Campus, within the West of Scotland Science Park, Glasgow.

The clinic has on more than one occasion been the top global enroller in trials and is the only centre in Scotland that has conducted research on all of the currently licensed treatments for Alzheimer’s disease.

The clinic has pioneered the running of Alzheimer Vaccine trials in Scotland and entered the first subject in Scotland in an Alzheimer Vaccine trial in 2007.

Staff at the Clinic work with volunteer participants who can contribute their own unique experiences with situations like dementia, and hopefully contribute to discovering new treatments. Recruiting those volunteers is where ‘Join dementia research’ intends to play its part, and help bring even more Scottish volunteers into vital dementia research.

Dr Jennifer Lynch, Senior Research Physician said “This excellent initiative highlights the great need for more Alzheimer’s research to be conducted. It will help join those who wish to participate in research, with top quality research organisations who are engaged in research of new medicines and treatments.

We are delighted to promote this and enhance the contribution that Scotland and the U.K. make to international Alzheimer’s disease and dementia clinical research.”

Right now, we’re collaborating with the Clinic on studies like the Takeda Tommorrow Study and the Lundbeck Starbeam Study, and other research from leading pharmaceutical companies such as Merck and Eli Lilly with more to be added as we go forward.

Since the Scottish launch in February, over 300 people have already registered but more are needed to keep pace with the studies being delivered by the Glasgow Memory Clinic and other research teams across the NHS and Universities in Scotland.

Martin-In-GardenAnyone aged 18 years in Scotland can sign up themselves, or on behalf of someone else. Do this online or by contacting the Alzheimer Scotland on 0808 808 3000 or Alzheimer’s Research UK 0300 111 5 111.

 Register today, to help research in Scotland and people with dementia everywhere.