As we continue to meet our ‘Join dementia research’ Champions, this week it’s Deb Smith.

LeafletsDeb initially found out about ‘Join dementia research’ through the Alzheimer’s Research Network, that she does lay reviews for. She has looked after relatives with dementia, has cared for others with dementia, and known people as friends that have dementia too, noting that she has “seen how cruel the illness is”. This is what made her want to get involved in ‘Join dementia research’.

On asked why she thinks dementia research is important, Deb responded: “it’s such a cruel illness that affects so many people, and it’s just a devastating illness.”

Deb has been recommending ‘Join dementia research’ “because the more research we can do the easier we can find, prevent people getting it at an earlier age and maybe find a cure for it.”

She has gone through her local Clinical Commissioning Group (that organise NHS services), of which she is a part of the patient participation group, and comments “all the information has gone out to all GPs and all the patients”.

DebSmith_quoteDeb is championing ‘Join dementia research’ by using her networks, “empowering the patient representatives of the patient participation group…to cascade the information down.”

“Not a lot of people know about opportunities to get involved in research, so this is a way of people getting involved. And it’s a way of researchers finding the people to participate easier than it is at the moment”, Deb said.

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