In our series of meeting our ‘Join dementia research’ Champions, this week we meet Annette Ward.

Annette’s journey to becoming a ‘Join dementia research’ Champion started with hearing a lecture at the hospital where she works about dementia and delirium. Annette’s mum was affected with dementia, and she doesn’t want future generations to be affected.

Annette passionately believes that research is the way forward to finding the best way to support those affected and a way of delaying or preventing dementia Annette_Wardin the future.

Annette thinks that a lot of time and money is wasted trying to contact the right volunteers for research. With the introduction of ‘Join dementia research’, she comments “Now we can all register our willingness to be a potential volunteer, ready for when the researchers need us. It’s a different way of approaching research, isn’t it?”.

Annette identifies the difficulty of reaching potential volunteers, especially those already affected with the condition. As she enjoys chatting to people in Memory Cafes, she plans to talk those with dementia and their friends and relatives in the hope of finding more people who would like to volunteer.

On asked why she’d recommend ‘Join dementia research’ to everyone, Annette responded “Because there’s nothing much to lose, is there? All you have to do is sign up, and then if the right project comes along you can say yes or no to it, it’s up to you.  But without you actually being willing in the first place then the potential isn’t there. So we’ve all got the potential to help, and to solve this problem.

And what would she want to tell others about ‘Join dementia research’? I would say ‘Why not? Join up!’

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