Generation for Generation study logoWe caught up with Anna Krzeczkowska, PhD student at the University of Strathclyde, who is leading the ‘Generation for Generation’ study.

What are the main aims of Generation for Generation?

‘Generation for Generation’ is designed to promote health and wellbeing in adults aged 60 and above and to improve children’s success in school. It aims to bring the generations together, to build stronger and better-connected communities.

This is the first programme of its kind in Scottish schools, and the hope is that programmes like this may become a regular community initiative.

What does the study involve for a participant?

Volunteers will join a local primary school, where they will help pupils with reading, writing, and other school activities. They will also be asked to complete some questionnaires and do cognitive tasks on three occasions: at the start, after 3 months and after 6 months.

What do you hope the outcomes of the study will be?

Generation for Generation will help us understand how volunteering in primary schools might benefit both the adult volunteers and young primary school children. School-based engagement like this might improve health and wellbeing in volunteers, while also promoting networking with peers and younger generations, and benefiting local communities.

How long is this study for?

The school-based programme will run for 6 months from September 2018 until the end of March 2019. Participants will be provided with lunch, and can receive reimbursement for their travel expenses if required.

Before the project begins, volunteers will be invited to two in-school meetings:

  1. With the researcher, the Head Teacher, and other volunteers
  2. With the researcher

Each meeting should only last for one hour. They will be a good opportunity to have a chat about the study in more detail, ask questions, and have a tour of the school where the research will take place.

Who can take part?

We’re looking for volunteers aged between 60 and 85 years old.

Volunteers must be:

  • generally healthy, fluent in English, and live independently
  • able and willing to commit up to 5 hours per day, 3 days per week between September 2018 and March 2019
  • willing to join the Protecting Vulnerable Groups Scheme required by the schools.

This project is school-based, but previous experience of working in schools or with children is not required.

Where is the study based?

Six schools in the West Lothian area of Scotland are involved in this study.

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