Dementia research takes a variety of forms, with drug trials being one of them. Cutting-edge research is taking place to see if new and existing drugs could help to slow dementia, ease the symptoms and in some cases, possibly hold the key to a cure.

We have highlighted a few below that are currently open in the UK and seeking participants to get involved. Could you be eligible to take part?



This unique study is looking into insomnia among Alzheimer’s patients. Problems with sleep can be an ongoing problem for people living with dementia and in some cases can make the dementia progress at a faster rate. The Suvorexant study is looking at whether a new medication is effective and safe in improving insomnia in patients with Alzheimer’s disease.



Part of an international study, the ENGAGE study is looking to determine whether a new medication called Aducanumab, can slow progression of early Alzheimer’s disease, as well as investigating whether it’s safe to use in patients. Researchers are looking for volunteers aged 50-85 and those who are experiencing problems with memory or thinking may be eligible to take part.



The RADAR trial is looking at whether an existing drug, used to treat high blood pressure, could help prevent dementia in later life. The trial is taking place at a variety of locations throughout the UK and is still looking for participants with a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease to take part.

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