ireland-76680_640Join Dementia Research launched in Northern Ireland earlier this year to boost research participation by connecting people interested in research to suitable dementia studies. Dementia currently affecting 850,000 people in the UK, and almost 20,000 of those are in Northern Ireland. Today we look at two studies that are currently recruiting through Join Dementia Research.

Some of the symptoms of vascular dementia are related to the health of the heart, such as high blood pressure. Scientists are hopeful that medication which can treat these symptoms, may be effective against the condition as a whole. The AFFECT trial aims to test whether a commonly used treatment for high blood pressure and chest pain can double up as a treatment to improve the health of people affected by the most common type of vascular dementia, subcortical ischemic vascular dementia (SIVD).

The challenges faced by people with dementia may affect the way in which doctors prescribe and care for these patients. There has been limited research on how medicines are prescribed, reviewed, given and taken in people with dementia, particularly for those living alone in their own homes and cared for by GPs and other members of the primary care team. The aim of the Compare study is to improve medicines management for people with dementia. The study involves a one-off interview for participants to understand their experiences of medicines management, problems they face, and what helps them with their medication. The information generated from the interviews will feed into a larger project of developing a plan of how to improve medicines management for people with dementia.

two-people-discussing (1)You can see if you are eligible for any of these studies – and others around the nation by logging into your Join Dementia Research account. If you haven’t yet registered with Join Dementia Research, why not sign up today?

You can sign up online or by calling Alzheimer’s Research UK on 0300 111 5 111 or Alzheimer’s Society on 0300 222 1122.