Welsh flagOn this St David’s Day 2017, we look at studies on Join Dementia Research that are currently recruiting in Wales.

Young-onset Alzheimer’s disease affects people before the age of 65. At the moment very little is known about why some people develop Alzheimer’s disease at such a young age. To try and better understand this, the AD Genetics study is looking to identify what genetic, biological and environmental factors are involved in the onset and progression of Alzheimer’s.

As well as looking for people with Alzheimer’s Disease or Mixed Dementia (Alzheimer’s and Vascular Dementia), the study team are also recruiting people aged 80 or over in Wales who do not have a diagnosis of any form of dementia as a control group.

The Relational Change and Grief in Dementia study is looking to gain information that will help professionals give advice to those who are newly diagnosed with dementia about what might help them and their family carer maintain their relationship. In order to do this, the study team are aiming to gather information from people with dementia and their carers about how they have sustained their relationship during the early stages of dementia, for example what they enjoy doing together and what has changed/stayed the same since the diagnosis.

This study is based in Cardiff, and recruiting throughout South Wales. The research team are looking for volunteers who:

  • Are living in their own home
  • Have a diagnosis of dementia (any kind)
  • Have a family member who would be identified as your carer and willing to take part in the interview
  • Live within 40 miles of Cardiff.

two-people-discussing (1)You can see if you are eligible for any of these studies, as well as others around Wales, by logging into your Join Dementia Research account.

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