wales-28516_1280Dementia currently affecting 850,000 people in the UK, and over 45,000 of those are from Wales. Join Dementia Research launched in Wales back in July to boost research participation by connecting people interested in research to suitable dementia studies across Wales and other parts of the UK. Today we look at four studies that are currently recruiting through Join Dementia Research.

Parkinson’s is a common condition that causes problems with movement. Sometimes people with Parkinson’s can also experience memory and concentration difficulties alongside their movement problems. People with dementia with Lewy bodies also experience memory and movement problems. The Living Well with Memory Difficulties in Parkinsonism study aims to assess whether certain non-drug therapies can benefit people with Parkinson’s or dementia with Lewy bodies who are also experiencing memory or concentration difficulties.

Young-onset Alzheimer’s disease affects people before the age of 65. At the moment very little is known about why some people develop Alzheimer’s disease at such a young age. To try and better understand this, the AD Genetics study is looking to identify what genetic, biological and environmental factors are involved in the onset and progression of Alzheimer’s.

The IDEAL study investigates what helps people to live well with dementia. It is the first large-scale project of its kind, and what the researchers find out will be used to guide policy and practice for helping people deal with dementia. NHS staff visit volunteers in their home to talk about dementia, and what can really help make life easier and more fulfilling. Researchers will visit three times, twelve months apart, and talk to both volunteers and family members or friends, and bring questionnaires for completion. Each new visit, they will be interested to learn about what has changed. You can find out more by visiting the IDEAL project online.

The GREAT trial is looking at ways of helping people to live well with memory difficulties. The research team wants to find out whether a form of treatment called ‘cognitive rehabilitation’ is beneficial for people who have attended a Memory Clinic, and for their friends and family members. Cognitive rehabilitation involves working with a therapist who will make weekly visits over a number of weeks to try to help manage the impact of memory difficulties on daily life.

two-people-discussing-V02You can see if you are eligible for any of these studies – and others around the nation by logging into your Join Dementia Research account. If you haven’t yet registered with Join Dementia Research, why not sign up today?

You can sign up online or by calling Alzheimer’s Research UK on 0300 111 5 111 or Alzheimer’s Society on 0300 222 1122.