FAB Change week Every day, the NHS takes care of thousands of people in the UK. Made up of enthusiastic people around the country many of whom have ideas to make services better, more efficient and sometimes even fun.  The Academy of Fabulous NHS Stuff is a place to share ideas, innovations and actions from across the NHS and was set up by Roy Lelly, Dr. Terri Porrett and Jon Wilks, on Valentine’s Day 2015.

The Academy of Fabulous NHS Stuff aims to be “an opportunity to turn dreams into action”. Acting as a bridge between NHS staff, giving them the opportunity to express their hopes, ideas, dreams, pledges, and achievements. All these pledges are flagged during the “ Fab Change Week ”, run between 13 and 17 November.

During these days, through a form on the website or through social media channels, NHS staff was invited to share their pledges, alongside with a picture, and express what they want to do in order to achieve that goal.

Pledges towards research and improving the lives of people living with dementia

Today, dementia affects 850,000 people in the UK, and research is vital if we want to beat this condition: it’s only through research that we will develop effective treatments and improve care, and eventually find a cure. This is why, among all the pledges made during the Fab Change Week, it was great to see how many of them were aimed to improve the lives of people with dementia, and in particular to improve awareness and access to research.

FAB Change week

An example is the one of Lisa Coleman, who pledged to improve the care management for people living with dementia. Particularly, she had heard that twiddle muffs can provide a calming sensory stimulation for people living with dementia, who may experience agitation and have restless hands. This gave her the idea design a twiddle belt and a twiddle apron (currently, she is also working on a twiddle quilt).

Join Dementia Research is directly involved in Jennie Negus’s pledge for the Fab Change Week 2017. Jennie has been a Stoma care nurse for 20 years. She pledges to sign ULHT up to Join Dementia Research and to launch an awareness event on Friday 1st December. A second pledge she made was to complete a Dementia Care Bundle, which has been completed in agreement with the staff of the local Alzheimer’s Society and Carers First.

“Join Dementia Research is a different approach to research for us; it is about signposting our patients and families to the programmes, they then register an interest and JDR acts as a matchmaker to sign them up to appropriate studies across the country”.

Fab Change WeekHave you made a pledge for dementia research during the Fab Change Week 2017?

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