As we catch up on our ‘Meet the Champions’ series, today is the turn of Angela Aldridge, who champions Join Dementia Research in Greater Manchester.

Angela Aldridge

Angela Aldridge

How did you first hear about Join Dementia Research?

I have worked with the NIHR DeNDRoN (Dementias and Neurodegeneration Clinical Research Network) for the last 8 years.  During which time the concept and proposal of having a public dementia research register was in it’s early stages of planning.  It is fantastic to see that over those years of joint effort, collaboration and hard work from all involved, that Join Dementia Research finally came to fruition and was launched publicly earlier this year.

What made you want to get involved?

I have been involved with Join Dementia Research from it’s inception, albeit in small formats.  I knew from the offset, how marvelous the concept of Join Dementia Research was.

2015-11-26 11_36_38-AngelaAldridge_quote.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Pro DCAs a clinical researcher in Mental Health, I know how difficult it can be to inform people on a grand scale about all the wonderful research we have available in the UK.  We have previously had to rely on Clinicians to help discuss the options with their patients and it has been a post code lottery.  Join Dementia Research is a fabulous tool to empower everyone in the UK to make their own choices to learn more about dementia research, what is available to them and make decisions to participate if they so wish.

Why do you think dementia research is so important now?

Dementia affects the lives of not only the person living with dementia, but also their families and friends. Only through innovative research, can we try to find out the causes of it and discover new therapies and drugs to help and support people living with dementia and their carers.

What have you been doing to champion Join Dementia Research?

I help to look after the Join Dementia Research service in Greater Manchester and champion Join Dementia Research locally within the North West of England. I regularly present to Clinicians, people with dementia and their carers about what Join Dementia Research is and how they can register their interest.  I also liaise with local Trusts, Primary Care Practices, Third Sector Organisations and local businesses about the service, asking them to help promote the materials and spread the word.  Earlier this year, I wrote a radio commercial which was funded by the Clinical Research Network: Greater Manchester to advertise  Join Dementia Research locally.  We saw a 25% increase in our local registrants during that advertisement period.

JDR Info_v05What do you tell people about Join Dementia Research?

The UK has a wide range of leading, innovative dementia research happening at any one time. The types of research available varies and includes simple questionnaires, observational and cognition therapies, interventional therapies and clinical trials of medicinal products.  The opportunities to participate in these research studies are there, you just might not know about them.

Join Dementia Research enables everyone, everywhere in the UK to find out more about the innovative research happening in your area and empowers you to take control and make the decision to become involved.

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