In this podcast, Alzheimer’s Society’s Research Communications Officer Ian explains what ‘Join dementia research’ is, what participation entails and how to get involved.

“Alzheimer’s Society recognises that research is the best way of improving the quality of life for people with dementia in the long term”, Ian says.

Explaining why ‘Join dementia research’ has been launched, he explains:


“Many studies need people to take part so that we can better understand ways to improve quality of life and develop new treatments. The lack of access to willing volunteers can hold back critical research into dementia.”

“The advantage of having a lot of people signed up to the service is that researchers can find the right people. This saves a lot of time in recruiting participants and will make it easier for studies to be carried out.”

Ian explains the huge range of research that is being done.

JDR Info_v05“As well as the clinical trials where new drugs are tested, there are projects, such as the IDEAL study, where researchers are interviewing people with dementia, and their carers to see how they have been able to stay living at home. Another project, known as the PREVENT study, is monitoring a group of middle-aged people with no memory problems, and looking at evidence of the effects of their lifestyles on their eventual risk of dementia.”

 “We want to reach as many people as possible across Britain”, Ian says.

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