The latest Join Dementia Research figures are in and it’s great news, as more than 30,000 volunteers have now registered with the service. To date, Join Dementia Research has enabled researchers to contact more than 7,500 participants, and 165 studies have used the service as a way to find suitable volunteers.

Thanks to everyone who has helped reach this milestone – we’re delighted that the service continues to grow. Please do continue to spread the word and help us reach the next 30,000 volunteers.

Join Dementia Research statistics at 1 September 2017


This news was a great way to start World Alzheimer’s Month which the NIHR is marking with a spotlight campaign to raise awareness of the importance of research into this area and to get more people involved. With new information being added throughout the month, do keep checking back on the the World Alzheimer’s Month campaign page or follow the campaign on facebook or twitter to keep up to date.

Miss the first week? Why not can catch up now, and read about different types of dementia research?

Could Join Dementia Research help you?

Are you interested in helping researchers and taking part in dementia studies? There are over a 100 studies around the UK on Join Dementia Research currently looking for people like you to take part in studies. Sign up today to keep up to date with the latest studies you can take part in.

If you are a researcher, Join Dementia Research could help you meet your recruitment target faster. Take a look at our information for researchers to see if it may be suitable for your study.