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The Safer Walking Technology study

23 March 2018

Safer Walking

In recent years, a range of gadgets and technology solutions known as Safer Walking Technology has been developed. These new tools are designed to track, find, support and safeguard individuals with dementia when accessing the outdoors. The use of the technology (including GPS trackers, and location-based mobile phone apps) has the potential to help some people […]

Accelerating study delivery: the Caregiving HOPE study

15 March 2018

Caregiving HOPE study

Since its launch three years ago, the main aim of Join Dementia Research has been to accelerate dementia research, helping to make it quicker and easier for researchers to find suitable candidates for their studies and empowering patients and the public to find studies they wish to take part in. The Caregiving HOPE study is […]

Pain in People with Dementia (PIP-D)

7 March 2018

pain in people with dementia

Pain conditions are increasingly common as we age, and this is equally true for those who also have dementia. Research shows that just under half of the people with dementia report “normal” everyday pain that affects their everyday life. However, as dementia progresses it may be more difficult for the person to communicate about their […]

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Monthly Archives: March 2018