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Understanding frontotemporal dementia: an interview with Professor James Rowe

29 September 2017

Frontotemporal dementia, also known as FTD, is one of the less common types of dementia. As part of our campaign for World Alzheimer’s Month we caught up with Professor James Rowe, based in the Cambridge Centre for Frontotemporal Dementia and Related Disorders, at the University of Cambridge, to find out more about FTD and current research […]

‘Unpicking’ Pick’s disease: working towards accurate diagnoses of frontotemporal dementia

26 September 2017

Among the members of the dementia family, Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is the oldest and easily the best known. But as the graph below illustrates, one of AD’s lesser known siblings is slowly emerging from obscurity and beginning to make a name for itself. Ten years ago, few people outside dementia research circles had heard of […]

We are hope – a blog by Hilary Doxford

25 September 2017

This blog was originally featured on the NIHR website. Whatever your beliefs – love, faith and hope are considered to be the gifts that last. They help us to live better despite the hard reality of life for many people. My reality is I live with a diagnosis of early onset Alzheimer’s disease and the […]

Find out about the drug trials taking place near you

20 September 2017

Dementia research takes a variety of forms, with drug trials being one of them. Cutting-edge research is taking place to see if new and existing drugs could help to slow dementia, ease the symptoms and in some cases, possibly hold the key to a cure. We have highlighted a few below that are currently open […]

The PRIDE study

15 September 2017

Would you change your lifestyle to potentially reduce your risk of having dementia in the future? People’s lifestyle can contribute to increase the risk of dementia. Lack of physical exercise, lack of social interaction and mental activity, poor diet, smoking and alcohol consumption are major known risk factors. Aiming to reduce people’s risk of having […]

30,000 volunteers registered with Join Dementia Research!

11 September 2017

The latest Join Dementia Research figures are in and it’s great news, as more than 30,000 volunteers have now registered with the service. To date, Join Dementia Research has enabled researchers to contact more than 7,500 participants, and 165 studies have used the service as a way to find suitable volunteers. Thanks to everyone who […]

Dreaming big: Improving the quality of sleep for people with dementia

7 September 2017

Sleep disturbance is a common problem for people living with dementia, with around 40% experiencing some form of problem with their sleep. This not only has an impact on the person with dementia but also on their carers whose quality of sleep will also be affected. Treating insomnia or sleep disturbance is not easy and […]

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