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The CAREGIVERSPRO-MMD study: Can technology support people living with dementia?

30 August 2017

What are the main aims of the study? The study is interested in how technology can support people living with dementia and their families. We have created a new website called ‘CAREGIVERS-PRO’ that is full of all sorts of useful information and resources about memory problems and dementia. It will also be a way to […]

Charity Helpdesks: Bank Holiday closures

25 August 2017

BANK HOLIDAY CLOSURES: Please note, the Alzheimer’s Research UK infoline will be closed from Friday 25 August and will re-open on Tuesday 29 August. The Alzheimer’s Society helpline will also be closed on Monday 28 August.    

Which me am I today?: Research day… and participation!

22 August 2017

Join Dementia Research Champion Wendy Mitchell has added a great new entry to her ‘Which me am I today?’ blog, on the topic of her experiences taking part in the IDEAL study. You can read the post below or take a look at the original entry here. “Tuesday saw me having a triple whammy of research. The […]

Meet Alan Richardson: Dementia Friend and Join Dementia Research Champion

18 August 2017

Alan Richardson, Join Dementia Research Champion and Dementia Friend

“It’s fair to say that people used to worry when they heard dementia mentioned. But Dementia Friends and Join Dementia Research are designed to help. They let people know about the little contributions that they can make and these often can make quite a lot of difference”. Alan Richardson has been a Dementia Friend for […]

Cerebral Haemodynamic Changes during Cognitive Testing: Does blood flow to the brain play a role in dementia?

15 August 2017

What are the main aims of the study? Changes in blood flow to the brain can occur at an early stage of vascular, Alzheimer’s dementias and milder memory impairments. The aim of this study is to look at the changes the happen in blood flow to the brain in people living with dementia and healthy […]

Barriers and Facilitators of Living and Dying at Home with Dementia

2 August 2017


At present, little is known about how best to support people with dementia in their own homes at the end of their life, as well as the people who look after them. A new Liverpool-based study is looking to improve the understanding around this. We caught up with Caroline Mogan, Chief Investigator of the ‘Barriers […]

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