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Join Dementia Research Champion to publish book

30 March 2017

A Join Dementia Research Champion from Yorkshire hopes that co-writing a new book will help to allay some of the fear and stigma which currently surrounds the condition. Wendy Mitchell is the author of the widely-read blog Which Me Am I Today? which documents her life living with dementia since being diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s […]

The NorAD – Guanfacine study

28 March 2017

This new study aims to assess whether a medication called Guanfacine can improve thinking, particularly attention, in people with Alzheimer’s Disease when given alongside other standard medication. We caught up with Dr Paresh Malhotra, Chief Investigator on this study, to find out more: What are the main aims of the study? Guanfacine itself is licensed for […]

Are attention and brain activity connected to visual memory problems in people with Alzheimer’s?

22 March 2017

Understanding how an individual’s memory performance changes when affected by Alzheimer’s and the relation between visual attention and memory could contribute to improvements in diagnosing the disease. The ‘Formation, maintenance and use of top-down knowledge in Alzheimer Dementia’ study will therefore explore these factors to gain better insight. We spoke to Dr Moreno Coco, Chief […]

Join Dementia Research user survey results

17 March 2017

In the Autumn 2016 newsletter, Join Dementia Research registrants were invited to complete a survey about their experience of the service*. Some key findings from the survey include:   For those that registered through one of the charity helplines: For those that registered through the website:   For those that matched to studies:   The […]


16 March 2017

Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP), Multiple System Atrophy (MSA), Cortico-Basal syndrome (CBS) are all degenerative brain conditions for which there is not currently any curative treatments. They are often initially diagnosed as Parkinson’s disease but are very distinct with an approximate survival of 6-7 years from diagnosis. The PROSPECT-M-UK study aims to develop better methods of […]

‘Tooth loss link to increased risk of dementia’ – NHS Choices

10 March 2017

This article has been reproduced from the NHS Choices website. “Dementia breakthrough: Brushing your teeth ‘can help ward off devastating condition’,” reads the Daily Express. The news is based on a study that found tooth loss was associated with an increased risk of dementia. The study involved more than 1,500 elderly people in Japan who […]

Dementia Early Stage Cognitive Aids New Trial (DESCANT)

6 March 2017

It is known that people developing dementia in its early stages can respond to timely offers of help at home to enhance their experience and coping with dementia, over and above early diagnosis and support now routinely provided in many areas. One such type of help is advice alongside the use of memory aids and […]

What dementia research studies are taking place in Wales?

1 March 2017

On this St David’s Day 2017, we look at studies on Join Dementia Research that are currently recruiting in Wales. Young-onset Alzheimer’s disease affects people before the age of 65. At the moment very little is known about why some people develop Alzheimer’s disease at such a young age. To try and better understand this, […]

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