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The DECIDE Study

30 December 2016

The number of people living with dementia in the UK is rising. Friends and family provide much of the care. Maintaining carer quality of life and finding a way of assessing it are important for the carers, those cared for, and for society. There are existing questionnaires used for dementia carer assessment but how good they […]

Jacqui Cannon – Join Dementia Research Champion

27 December 2016

A vital part of Join Dementia Research is our network of Champions who promote and publicise the service in their local area. The Champions are made up of people from around the UK, with and without memory problems, who care about dementia research, and want to play a role in accelerating progress. One of these […]

Opening hours during the holiday season

19 December 2016

Please note during the holiday season, the helpdesks and office team will be running a reduced service between 23rd December and 3rd January. Please see opening hours below. Any email enquiries received during this time will be replied to as soon as possible in the new year. Thank you in advance for your patience.  

2016: A Year in Dementia Research

As the year draws to a close we’ve been reflecting on how much can happen in 12 months. World events aside, there’s been plenty of news about dementia research. Every step we take will hopefully bring us closer to better ways to prevent, treat and care for people with dementia.   Back in February we […]

Creating a culture of involvement for the UK Dementia Research Institute

15 December 2016

This blog was originally featured on the Alzheimer’s Society blog. Announced today, Professor Bart De Strooper has been selected from a competitive pool of international candidates to lead the UK’s first Dementia Research Institute (DRI). People living with dementia and carers from the founding charity networks supported the recruitment process, demonstrating a commitment to involving […]

The SENSE-Cog Field trial

13 December 2016

Recent evidence has found that older adults living with both dementia and sensory impairment experience a number of issues that affect their quality of life. These include; an increased sense of disorientation, difficulty locating themselves using visual and auditory cues, greater levels of distress leading to agitation and aggression, an increased prevalence of hallucinations, delusions […]

Dementia Related Manual for Sleep; Strategies for Relatives (DREAMS START) study

6 December 2016

Sleep problems are common in people living with dementia, with around 40% of people living with dementia experiencing sleep disturbance. These include reduced night time sleep, night time wandering, and excessive daytime napping. Sleep problems can disrupt the sleep of other members of the family. However, there are currently no treatments that consistently improve sleep […]

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Monthly Archives: December 2016