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UK dementia rates have fallen sharply in men

25 April 2016

Reproduced from NHS Choices website.  “Dementia rate falls as men behave themselves,” The Times reports. A UK study of dementia trends over the last 20 years suggests that the number of men developing the condition has dropped significantly, possibly as a result of lifestyle changes. The study showed an unexpectedly large fall in the number […]

How can managing medicines be improved for people with dementia?

20 April 2016

With a high number of people with dementia living with another medical condition or disability as well as dementia, most will be taking a number of medicines. The COMPARE study, now recruiting through Join Dementia Research, is looking at how managing medicines can be improved for people with dementia. We caught up with Dr Heather […]

Dementia research service in the Eastern region registers 1000th volunteer

15 April 2016

Dementia researchers in the East of England have hit a key milestone with over 1000 people in the region signed up to Join Dementia Research since launching a year ago. One of the studies recruiting for volunteers in the East of England is called IDEAL, which is identifying what changes can take place in the […]

Promoting Independence in Dementia

14 April 2016

The Promoting Independence in Dementia (PRIDE) study is looking to find out how to best enable people to maintain their independence in the early stages of dementia. The study is made up of several projects looking to help people with dementia, and their family and friends, to live a fulfilling life. One of the first projects is […]

Improving Healthcare Through Clinical Research – Online Course

How are treatments and cures discovered? What is the impact of clinical research? How do we undertake clinical research? Why do we do clinical research? You can discover the answer to these questions and many more by registering to join the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Clinical Research Network (CRN) Massive Open Online Course […]

Dementia research sheds light on needs of carers

13 April 2016

Research funded by the NIHR is helping the NHS to better understand and support the needs of people caring for those with dementia. A number of key studies have been brought together in a new feature from the NIHR Dissemination Centre. Supporting carers of people with dementia shares the findings of five NIHR funded studies. They reveal: […]

Health Matters: Midlife approaches to reduce dementia risk

1 April 2016

The fourth edition of Public Health England‘s Health Matters has been published, with an emphasis on dementia and the midlife approaches that can reduce the risk of developing dementia later in life. It is important to move away from thinking of dementia as simply an inevitable part of ageing. There are already 850,000 people living with […]

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