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Tour bus drives West of England to the top of the charts

20 January 2016

A tour bus promoting ‘Join dementia research’ proved such a hit with shoppers in the West of England before Christmas that the region has now taken the number one slot for the highest number of local registrations to the service in the country. Backed by the NIHR Clinical Research Network (CRN): West of England and local partners, […]

Targeting inflammation ‘could help treat Alzheimer’s disease’

11 January 2016

Reproduced from NHS Choices website. “Blocking brain inflammation ‘halts Alzheimer’s disease’,” BBC News reports. Mice with symptoms similar to Alzheimer’s disease were given a drug that blocked the production of immune cells, which cause inflammation. They showed an improvement in symptoms compared with mice who had not been given the drug. Inflammation – where immune cells cause […]

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Monthly Archives: January 2016