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Cate Latto is championing Join Dementia Research in North West London

30 October 2015

As we catch up on our ‘Meet the Champions’ series, today is the turn of Cate Latto, who champions Join Dementia Research in North West London. How did you first hear about Join Dementia Research? I was part of the Prevent Study, looking into midlife causes and risk of Alzheimer’s disease, as a participant with a […]

Cheap Alzheimer’s drug ‘may help keep people out of care homes’

28 October 2015

Reproduced from NHS Choices website. A study found people with Alzheimer’s who continued to take a drug called donepezil were less likely to be admitted into care than people who stopped taking it. Donepezil is usually withdrawn as a treatment for people with moderate to severe Alzheimer’s disease as it had been thought to provide little […]

Warning about middle-aged drinking and dementia

22 October 2015

Reproduced from NHS Choices website. “Middle-aged people should curb their drinking to reduce their risk of developing dementia, new guidance suggests,” reports the Daily Mirror. The new guidance highlights that people aged 40 to 64 who regularly drink alcohol have an increased risk of dementia. Who produced the guidance? The guidance was produced by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE). […]

Pioneering dementia programme to transform healthcare

16 October 2015

Time for Dementia is a brand new study on Join Dementia Research, that is calling families living with dementia in Surrey and Sussex to take part. The study is the first of its kind in the world, to help train the healthcare professionals of tomorrow and improve the way that people with dementia are cared […]

How do people with dementia and their carers feel about adapting their homes?

15 October 2015

Two thirds of people with dementia currently live at home. There is a wealth of information available from a variety of sources on how homes can be adapted to promote independence, reduce symptoms and maintain functional ability. Although this advice is available it is not known to what extent the advice is accessed or used […]

What dementia research is going on in Scotland?

14 October 2015

This week we take a look at studies on Join Dementia Research that are currently recruiting in Scotland. The MADE (Minocycline in Alzheimer’s Disease Efficacy) trial is a multi-centre, randomised, controlled trial in very mild Alzheimer’s Disease. It aims to determine whether the antibiotic drug Minocycline is effective in reducing the rate of cognitive and functional decline […]

Can observing computer use help detect memory problems in people over 65?

7 October 2015

The Software Architecture for Mental Health Self-Management (SAMS) Reliability study, based at the University of Manchester, is looking at whether personal computer use, such as emailing and web browsing, can help detect memory or cognitive problems. The study takes place in the participant’s own home and involves some cognitive assessments with a researcher as well as […]

First World FTD Awareness Week

5 October 2015

Yesterday marked the beginning of the first World Frontotemporal Degeneration or Dementia (FTD) Awareness Week, which runs 4 – 11 October 2015. FTD is caused by damage to cells in areas of the brain called the frontal and temporal lobes. The frontal lobes regulate our personality, emotions and behaviour, as well as reasoning, planning and decision-making. […]

John Spencer championing Join Dementia Research at Demfest15

2 October 2015

Join Dementia Research Wessex Champion, John Spencer, attended ‘Demfest15’, organised by ‘romdag’ (Romsey dementia group) on Sunday 6th Sept 2015, held at the Sir Harold Hillier Gardens, Romsey, Hants. The event was opened by Her Honour, Jane Bonvin, Deputy Lieutenant of Hampshire. Some 15 other Dementia related support organisations were in attendance and, like Join […]

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