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Could new drug slow down deterioration of the brain?

18 August 2015

The AMARANTH STUDY will test whether the experimental drug, AZD3293 [LY3314814], slows the worsening of Alzheimer’s disease, compared to a placebo given to patients with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) or Early Alzheimer’s disease. It’s for people aged between 55-85 and is being conducted at several places across the UK, as well as worldwide, to find out if this […]

60% rise in people taking part in dementia research

14 August 2015

The Government’s ambition to find a cure for dementia by 2025 has been boosted by a dramatic rise in people volunteering to take part in ground-breaking research studies. During the past 12 months almost 22,000 people have taken part in research studies to tackle the condition – a 60 per cent rise – according to […]

Phenomenon of selective forgetting in people with dementia

12 August 2015

The Mnemic Neglect in Dementia study, organised by researchers at the University of the West of England, is funded by the Alzheimer’s Society to find out how people react when they are told they have dementia. This study will look at what factors play a role in how people cope with being given a diagnosis of dementia. We […]

Join Dementia Research at Alzheimer’s Society conference 2015 ‘Delivering on dementia: new models of care’

Join Dementia Research was at Alzheimer’s Society’s ‘Delivering on dementia: new models of care’ conference in July. The conference looked at the care and support of people with dementia. Some highlights from the conference included: Dementia 2015: Aiming higher to transform lives George McNarmara, Head of Policy and Public Affairs at Alzheimer’s Society presented results of the […]

New brain diet ‘slows mental decline’

10 August 2015

This article has been cross-posted from the NHS Choices website. “Eating food rich in vitamins and minerals keeps the brain younger,” reports the Daily Express. The headline was prompted by a US study of a new diet called MIND, which appeared to slow down ageing of the brain. The MIND diet was developed specifically to […]

Moira Winters – championing Join Dementia Research in the North West Coast

5 August 2015

As we catch up on our ‘Meet the Champions’ series, today is the turn of Moira Winters, who is Research Delivery Manager for the Clinical Research Network: North West Coast, and champions Join Dementia Research in that area. How did you first hear about Join Dementia Research? When new networks were formed in the National Institute for […]

New video – Living Well with Dementia

4 August 2015

The National Institute for Health Research Clinical Research Network: East Midlands have just released a new video, ‘Living Well with Dementia’. It focuses on giving a personal insight into the lives of people living with early onset dementia and their carers. The video is also available in several other languages: Living Well with Dementia – Hindi Living […]

Assessing the cognitive profiles of different types of dementia

3 August 2015

The Birmingham Cognitive Screen (BCoS) is a paper and pencil assessment used to assess aspects of memory in people with cognitive impairment. It was developed initially for understanding the cognitive profiles of survivors of stroke. It helps indicate whether a person might have difficulty in memory, communication, attention, decision making, planning or carrying out everyday […]

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